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Re: use fcron as default scheduler in Fedora?

On Dec 5, 2008, at 1:59 PM, Patrice Dumas wrote:


I think that fcron should be the default scheduler in fedora.
fcron, with the service fcron_watch_config activated should now be
100% compatible with vixie-cron (cronie). The fcron_watch_config stuff
is a bit convoluted (3 scripts and one C program...) but should work.

The advantages over cronie are the following:
* it also does what anacron does
* it has more features
* instead of waking up every minutes to look at config files, like
 cronie do, it uses inotify to watch the config. This should lead to
 less awaking and certainly be interesting for power saving in some

I won't push this more, somebody else has to volunteer to make this
happen. I think it could be done in F11 and it should be a feature.

Does fcron have the selinux context support that was added to cronie?


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