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Re: My roadmap for a better Fedora

2008/12/5 Callum Lerwick <seg haxxed com>:
> Which is why I proposed automated regression tests, which would catch
> this.

I think you have all the necessary tools in hand to start exploring
this sort of regression concept.  If you want to regression test go
right ahead by using rpm with the appropriate cmdline options to
"downgrade" to a previous version. Do filesystem diffs after
individual transations and mine the data.  And keep track of how long
these sort of tests take on average.  Just make sure you regression
test all possible pre/post  and trigger scenarios for every package
that has pre/post and trigger scripts.  Triggers are a pain in the
ass.. or so I'm told.

> This is what is driving me nuts. If rpm -e of a package is always valid,

I don't think you can actually assume that.  Though it would be
something you could start regression testing and show us if it is.
Start F8 gold, snapshot the filesystem, update a package to the latest
update, snapshot the filesystem, remove the package, snapshot the
filesystem, install the gold version, snapshot the filesystem. Do some
filesystem diffing and see if you end up where you started...for every
self-consistent set of updates.


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