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orphaning chm related packages


I have orphaned the following chm related packages. 

I orphaned only devel. I'd like to remain co-maintainer. I'd prefer also 
be only co-maintainer for other branches, but obviously only if somebody 
volunteer to be the primary maintainer. So if you want to be maintainer, 
please state for which branches. Some already have co-maintainers.

* kchmviewer
This one is currently built without kde support. kde support builds fine
locally, but not in mock due to
You can have a look at comments following
I could try to handle this as co-maintainer, I know what to do once the
build issue is fixed.

The 2 following should be handled together:
* gnochm
* python-chm

The following are less crucial, but also also very low maintainance
* archmage
* libchmxx
* perl-Text-CHM

It may be relevant for people interested to be libchm co-maintainer.


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