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orphaning many packages


Some more misc packages I'd like to orphan.

I orphaned only devel. I'd like to remain co-maintainer. I'd prefer also
be only co-maintainer for other branches, but obviously only if somebody
volunteer to be the primary maintainer. So if you want to be maintainer,
please state for which branches. Some already have co-maintainers, they
should have priority for ownership.

In my opinion gnash and tetex-tex4ht are strategic packages for Fedora
and if nobody steps up a kind of collective maintainance should be

* gnash
People interested in gnash should also take agg and flasm, in my
opinion. They should also help reviewing ming:
And also mtasc, I added it to the wishlist and made a srpm here:
ming and mtasc are used for tests. (and also swftools, but I think
that swftools packaging is still out of reach for now).
* flasm
* agg

The OpenDAP server stack (an interested maintainer should take them
all... and maybe package olfs, the hyrax front-end):
* bes
* dap-server
* dap-freeform_handler
* dap-hdf4_handler
* dap-netcdf_handler

* tetex-tex4ht
It should be renamed tex-tex4ht. There is a system of 2 level sources.
Literal sources are included, but second level sources are really used.
With the debian packager, and with upstream, we collaborated on a debian
script that can be used to rebuild the second level sources from the
literate sources.

* elektra

* wdm
There is the Consolekit issue. I hope that it would be fixed one day?

It is an interesting package in my opinion since it looks good while
being very lightweight. Trouble is that upstream is dead and so is not
resyncing with xdm, so retiring this package may unfortunatly be the
best thing to do.

* debootstrap
I should not be the primary maintainer, but only a co-maintainer,
don't know how I became primary maintainer.

Those perl modules are very low maintainance:
* perl-File-NFSLock
* perl-Cache
* perl-Feed-Find
* perl-Heap
* perl-HTML-FormatText-WithLinks
* perl-LWP-Authen-Wsse

* html2ps
This is an a2ps dependency. There are unresolved bugs that can be seen
in debian, but overall it works fine and is pretty dead upstream so is
very low maintainance.

* pmount
Very low maintainance

* pam_ssh
Very low maintainance

Very low maintainance dead upstream packages
* intuitively
* ooo2txt
* libnet10
Though libnet10 is an older version of a dead package, there are
certainly some codes not in fedora that still use that api, for
example some stuff here:
It is properly parallel installable with libnet so in my opinion
should stay indefinitely (or as long as it builds).
* libnet
There are a lot of people wanting to have shared libraries for this
one. I always resisted for the reasons stated in
especially in that case I think that at some point somebody will
resurect libnet since, as far as I know there is no replacement.


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