More PATH fallout. Who decided this was a good idea?

Jesse Keating jkeating at
Sat Dec 6 18:01:14 UTC 2008

On Sat, 2008-12-06 at 12:46 -0500, Steve Grubb wrote:
> Not sure where you are going with this line of questions, but yes there are 
> console packages with utilities in the CAPP package set that could be used to 
> grab remote files. Curl, elinks, and ftp are a few I spotted during a quick 
> look. The admin would need to chmod those to prevent their unauthorized use or 
> take some other measure to protect the system to maintain their config.

What is a CAPP certified system supposed to accomplish?

> The bottom line is that we aren't making shadow-utils setuid root so that
> --help works.  :)

Who's "we"?  Perhaps "we" shouldn't piss on Fedora in order to meet some
cert that I highly highly doubt any Fedora install will find useful.

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- Freedom² is a feature!
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