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Re: The looming Python 3(000) monster

On Sun, 2008-12-07 at 01:57 -0500, James Antill wrote:
> > This was one of the problems PackageKit tries to solve.
>  In it's usual way, of ignoring the real (but harder to solve) problems
> and concentrating on a couple of very simple desktop cases and
> implementing the most complicated solution possible ... and then
> declaring the problem fixed, after minimal testing.

Excuse me? Could you care to explain please?

> >  It also stops you shutting down
> > using a system and session inhibit if the transaction is an a
> > non-cancellable state.
>  Which isn't really helpful, esp. as the messages I've seen say
> something like "Some program is stopping you from doing this" ... pretty
> much guaranteeing the next words out of the users mouth will be "die
> when I tell you too, scum sucking laptop, die; die; die!".

Right, and the sort of unstable user to say to their laptop "scum
sucking laptop, die; die; die!" probably deserves to rebuild their rpmdb
on next reboot.

> > If you /sbin/shutdown as root, or suffer a power failure without a UPS,
> > then all bets are off :-)
>  Or press the power button

Power button goes through HAL, so we catch this too.

> or rpm gets OOMed, etc. etc.

If you get OOMed, all bets are off. But if you're in OOM, you've got
bigger problems on your plate.


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