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Re: The looming Python 3(000) monster

Les Mikesell wrote:

> Is there some shortage of names?  Why can't a new and incompatible
> language be given a different name so people don't try to use it with
> the old and different code?

Before we go too far down the argument of whether we need one or two
python interpreters in Fedora we need to see what the nature of the
problems are.  Python-2.6 plus the from __future__ import * stuff gets
us something very close to compatibile with python-3.0.  Python-2.7 and
python-3.1 are supposed to be even closer.  The last time I tested, it
was possible to turn on the from __future__ import * features on a file
by file basis.  So -- if the compatibility of python-3 and python-2.6+
are good enough Fedora could run python-3 and python-2 targeted
upstreams together under python-2.6+.  We need to gather experience
trying to do this before we know, though.


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