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Re: use fcron as default scheduler in Fedora?

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Patrice Dumas wrote:
If there is none, it uses /bin/vi. In fact I have sone a bit of
investigations and it uses, in pathnames.h _PATH_VI which is defined in

So it is a missing dependency, in my opinion.

No it's not. People may want to use an actually usable editor and not have
their system polluted with this relict of history.

I use, exclusively, kate-based editors (usually kwrite, but also Kate and KDevelop), and... <drumroll please> vim. Granted I just went and dug up vim-enhanced last night (not installed by the KDE spin by default, bleh), but I object to the classification of /bin/vi as a "relic of history" and not "an actually usable editor". (vim-minimal is perfect for most editing of things in /etc, thank you very much! Including crontabs...)

I guess I should file bugs against cvs, sudo and fcron which all have
unnecessary Requires on vim-minimal.

I'd consider a system with no 'vi' to be broken :-). /bin/vi seems to be the lowest common denominator for a TUI editor on *nix systems.

Obviously, /bin/vi isn't necessarily Bram Moolenaar's VIM, but it's always close enough to be more-or-less usable (where the "more-or-less" almost invariably relates to how well it handles the arrow keys).

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