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Re: The looming Python 3(000) monster

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Matthew Woehlke wrote:
Because it's only "clearly a bug" to you? I don't particularly mind if
my computer wants to tell me there are updates when I'm running on
battery. If I wasn't reading this thread, I never would have thought
anything of it.

Oh, sorry, I lost track of the context. Reporting updates while on battery
isn't obviously a bug, automatically getting updates installed without
being asked (which somebody mentioned elsewhere on the lists, though I'm
not sure it was in reference to KPackageKit or to something else) is (and
that's what the bug I filed against KPackageKit is about). I'm sorry for
the confusion, it's me who got all mixed up.

Still, AFAIK gnome-packagekit doesn't check for updates while on battery and
it may well be that future kpackagekit releases won't do it either, at
least by default. But it is more a missing feature than a bug.

Ah, ok. Maybe I should actually go read the bug you filed, then I'd realize we were miscommunicating :-). Sorry for the mix-up.

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