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cgroups etc (WAS: Re: Enabling the memory controller for F11)

mån 2008-12-08 klockan 07:45 -0800 skrev John Reiser:

> > [Please] enable the memory controller for F11.
> Please give a URL to a description of what it does,

Memory controllers rock:

Lots of links there in the end.

On servers memory cgroups taken together with the existing CPU slicing
cgroups and affinity cgroups enables the same stuff that Solaris "zones"
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solaris_Containers) does, more or less,
but actually better because it's more fine-grained and doesn't need you
to configure an entire virtual machine.

Instead of limiting this one virtual machine, the cgroups features make
it possible to limit this one group of processes, without any
virtualization overhead. I guess you could combine it with User Mode
Linux if you want real, constrained virtualization.

cgroups are really a core killer feature in Linux, just that the rest of
the world doesn't quite know yet, nor do userspace know quite how to
handle all the nice cgroups, but much is happening right now.

Even if servers is what most cgroup authors probably have in mind, they
are equally useful to desktops and embedded systems.


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