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PackageKit and the recent DBus problems

I've prepared an F10 update of PackageKit, gnome-packagekit and
kpackagekit that has the DBus fixes (both of them) and will not have any
dependency issues caused by mirrors having different versions of an


I'm also going to update F9 to the same versions, but I'm just waiting
for PK to be pulled into the buildroot so I can build GPK and KPK and
then submit an update:


Over the last two days we've all been working really hard on fixing up
all the projects after the DBus update. I know personally I'm closing a
duplicate bugzilla every 30 minutes.

One thing that is limiting me is the delay from creating an update, and
then pushing it to a mirror. "Status: pending" seems to be the bane of
my life right now.

Is there any plan to make this process quicker?


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