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nautilus depends on a lot of stuff via gvfs


I was trying to remove samba-winbind (plus the rest of samba, because I
don't need it and samba represents MBs of updates and tens of MB of used
space) from my F-10 machine and found out that it will remove nautilus

 samba-winbind                      i386         3.2.5-0.23.fc10            installed         7.9 M
Removing for dependencies:
 gnome-vfs2-smb                     i386         2.24.0-3.fc10              installed          28 k
 gvfs-smb                           i386         1.0.2-3.fc10               installed         255 k
 hal-cups-utils                     i386         0.6.17-4.fc10              installed         100 k
 libsmbclient                       i386         3.2.5-0.23.fc10            installed         3.8 M
 nautilus                           i386         2.24.1-3.fc10              installed          13 M
 samba-client                       i386         3.2.5-0.23.fc10            installed          27 M
 samba-common                       i386         3.2.5-0.23.fc10            installed          29 M
 system-config-printer              i386         1.0.9-1.fc10               installed         1.6 M
 system-config-printer-libs         i386         1.0.9-1.fc10               installed         2.8 M

The problem is that nautilus has hard dependencies on many (all?) gvfs
modules. Trying to remove libgphoto2 has similar effects.

So my proposal is to split nautilus into nautilus-core, that will
contains the content of the current nautilus package, and nautilus
"meta" package that will contains all the dependencies plus dependency
on nautilus-core. This solution will install all the deps as today, but
leave the option to remove the unnecessary packages afterwards.

Only 3 packages will be affected with this split
and they should be made to depend on nautilus-core instead of nautilus.

I will file a bug with the proposed change to nautilus spec file.


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