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Re: arial narrow is broken since Fedora 8

Le Mar 9 décembre 2008 15:37, Julian Sikorski a écrit :

> If I remember correctly, a while ago you told me that gtk font
> selector
> should be working correctly as well. The thing is that it does show
> "extraordinary" typefaces for let's say DejaVu LGC Sans, but for Arial
> the list is pretty much busted - please see the screenshot I attached
> to
> the Red Hat bug #466678 (mentioned in the first email). Which software
> could be responsible for this? I suspected fontconfig.

The freely accessible arial you find on the web is an old version that
does not declare the same stuff as modern versions. Microsoft does not
update it anymore.

Having a way to tell fontconfig "this is an old font with missing
modern metadata, here is the info which is missing" so it's treated
the same way as modern fonts is the object of the freedesktop bug
you've already commented on.

Nicolas Mailhot

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