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Re: Fedora QA ? - Re: What Fedora makes sucking for me - or why I am NOT Fedora

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Jóhann B. Guðmundsson wrote:

First of all this falls on to testers...

Developers should spend their time developing.
Testers should spend their time testing that's what we are here for.

There is no such clear separation possible. Developers should be testing their code and their packages as well. Handing this entirely off to another set of people, whether it is a QA team or somebody else, is just shifting blame. QA team or a additional set of people are just complimenting the testing that the developers themselves should have done.


Rahul you do see the flaw in this logic right?

For a developer to be able to test his code he needs to test on all possible scenarios hw and sw related repeated times the n option ( if any ) his application can do.

Even in the perfect "my little pony" world
where  there are million developers around a single component
with all the time in the world at their disposal which they then could

Document their code ( since him/they are the only one truly qualified to do so )
Triage and respond to the reports
( Well there should not be any but if so unlikely it were, he/they are the only one truly qualified to do so )
Test before release to the end user(s)

It STILL would fall into the hands of the QA to double check if he/they missed something..

If the blame belongs somewhere than it is with the QA to have released it to the end user in the first place and THAT'S what I'm aiming at improving taking the QA on the QA :)
but it will take time!.

But I do agree with you that it would help if he/they have updates-testing enabled to test their component that is if they are actually developing and using it on Fedora GA release..

In reality we need more devs..


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