Stalled "Merge Reviews" (Re: What Fedora makes sucking for me - or why I am NOT Fedora

Behdad Esfahbod behdad at
Tue Dec 9 18:36:37 UTC 2008

Robert Scheck wrote:

> Hmmm, the "Merge Reviews" that somewhere have been declared as blockers
> for Fedora 7 (!) are still not done. It AFAIK was said somewhen, that not
> reviewed packages are getting removed from Fedora. This did not happen for
> anything, yet. The "Merge Reviews" are sometimes also blocked by Red Hat
> employees for very base/core packages by just refusing the Fedora Packaging
> guidelines, because it's the packager of the package. This can't be case!
> The Red Hat people have to follow the Fedora packaging guidelines and rules
> same as the Fedora folks - without any exception! If you would like to know
> which packages and people I'm talking about, have a look to Bugzilla and
> search for the bug reports I'm watching via Cc - there are lots of examples
> out there...without wanting to blame somebody special here on the list. But
> this has to be solved, the reviews need to be done, and the Red Hat people
> sitting on some base/core packages, must follow the Fedora rules same and
> without any refusing as they currently do. BTW, why is nobody controlling
> the success of the "Merge Reviews"? Shouldn't somebody watch this and tell
> us all the progress inside of e.g. the weekly Fedora newsletter or so?

Your messages lists so many different issues (user-oriented, community,
project leadership, technical, etc, etc) that makes it hard to see what you
are implying.  And in most cases you do not offer a feasible solution, if at
all.  I reply as a Red Hat employee on this one as I didn't see anyone else do.

First, it's not like you wake up in the morning and boot your Fedora and it
pops up a message saying "Merge reviews are not fixied, shutting system
down."??  What's the problem really, other than some cruft left in Bugzilla?

If you were implying that the unreviewed packages should have been removed
from Fedora, go ahead, remove cairo, fontconfig, freetype, pango, and vte.

If you are implying that as their maintainer, I must incorporate the merge
reviews and close them, no thank you, I don't mind not maintaining anything in
Fedora, and I certainly didn't block anyone from making progress in the merge
reviews.  When you say "The Red Hat people have to follow the Fedora packaging
guidelines and rules same as the Fedora folks", does it mean that Fedora
should feel free to decide what *I* work on, when it doesn't decide what
"other Fedora folks" work on?  That doesn't feel right.

Not sure what your point was, other than making your long email even longer


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