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Re: Stalled "Merge Reviews" (Re: What Fedora makes sucking for me - or why I am NOT Fedora

> --- On Tue, 12/9/08, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
>> First, it's not like you wake up in the morning and
>> boot your Fedora and it
>> pops up a message saying "Merge reviews are not
>> fixied, shutting system
>> down."??  What's the problem really, other than
>> some cruft left in Bugzilla?
>> If you were implying that the unreviewed packages should
>> have been removed
>> from Fedora, go ahead, remove cairo, fontconfig, freetype,
>> pango, and vte.
> I have been thinking about this issue lately. Right now, if someone makes
> a new package (s)he has to throw it into a pool of ~800 other packages
> waiting for an assignee and hope that someone will notice the package.
> Approximately half of these packages are "Merge Reviews".
> - I joined the community this September. Nowhere in the guidelines I saw
> the definition of a "Merge Review". I had to ask people at #fedora-devel
> to figure that out.
> - Out of the 8 "Merge Review"s I have done so far, only 1 maintainer cared
> to reply and fix the issues. Some "Merge Reviews", that I have done, only
> ask for changing 1-2 lines in the SPEC file.
>>From my experience, I can tell that there is an apparent dismissal on the
>> "Merge Review" packages by the maintainers. How can we accelerate this
>> process? A review consists of two main contributors. A reviewer and a
>> maintainer. Here are some suggestions:
> 1- Finding the Reviewer: Whenever someone decides to contribute to Fedora,
> (s)he should be encouraged to do at least one "Merge Review". It would be
> fruitful if this is put in the guidelines and the sponsors check this
> before approving someone's sponsorship.
> If some contributor does a "Merge Review", his/her packages should be
> pushed upward on the Review Requests list[1]. That way they'll have a
> better chance to get reviewed. I think this will encourage some people to
> do "Merge Reviews".
> 2- What can be done to force these maintainers to fix their packages? If a
> maintainer has an ongoing "Merge Review" with a "package review" flag set
> to "?", (s)he shall not file a new "Review Request" until that "Merge
> Review" is resolved. If a reviewer takes time to make a full review, the
> maintainer should at least respect that, or more harshly, should be made
> to respect that.
> As I said there are ~800 packages awaiting a reviewer, and this number is
> not decreasing. An action should be taken soon.
> -Orcan
> [1] http://tinyurl.com/fedora-rev-req
We've been discussing this here:

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