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Re: arial narrow is broken since Fedora 8

Kevin Kofler wrote:

> Half-baked support for useless font "features" is counterproductive. It's
> similar with Latin ligatures (thankfully in that case the fix turned out
> trivial, though it doesn't fix the issue completely because fonts may also
> define ligatures other than the standard Unicode ligatures).

Talk is cheap.  Show me the screenshot of a broken case.

> IMHO it would
> be much better to keep all those features disabled (at least by default)
> until they actually *work* in all the major applications. If that's
> forever, so be it, those features can all be done without.

Apparently thousands of people think it works.  If it doesn't for you, use
some pre-GNOME, pre-KDE desktop on Debian stale, err, stable.

> Is having separate entries for "Arial" and "Arial Narrow" in the font list
> really such a serious issue that avoiding it is so important that it is
> worth breaking almost all applications in some way?

That has nothing to do with why the bug is there.  The bug is there because no
one every got to fix it.  Part of the problem has been that I have no Free
fonts installed that show that behavior.


>         Kevin Kofler

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