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The developers/maintainers

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First let me say that I do not belong here. I am not a developer nor am
I a maintainer.

I am a lurker with vested interests. I use, and enjoy, your product. Fedora.

Does *everything* always work from the box for me? The only thing that I
can think of is my monitor. It does not ID correctly so my start off
resolution is set incorrectly. But it does display. Is this your fault?
Of course not. My fault, in a way, because I selected the monitor.

Others things? Not any that I can recall. But if there were I would read
about them and fix them. If it was a major problem I would report it but
there are already too many that jump in the air and scream for me.  ;-)

Many of the reported problems do not affect me in any way.

DVD movies. I watch, from time to time, rented DVD movies with a DVD
player on my television. I only own two DVD movies. both of them gifts.
I can not see any reason to watch a movie on a small screen monitor.

Music CDs. I don't own any. I do listen to the radio on the way to and
from work. I can not see any reason to listen to music played from CDs
over my computer sound system.

I do not own or use a laptop. Nor do I own a 'webcam'. And my network
does not contain any 'special' cards that need drivers that are not
freely available.

I don't use anything that does not really come from Fedora. Hmm...
Flash. I forgot about Flash.

So? Does Fedora 'work from the box'? For me? Yes. A resounding yes! I am
lucky perhaps. Or maybe not as demanding as some.

Are there some things that don't work for some users? Yes. Of course.
But most of those are not 'your' doing. What you provide works with what
you provide.

IMO you have a fine product and you have nothing, absolutely
nothing, to apologize for with your product.

Thank you for Fedora.
- --


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