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Re: F11: OSS and pulseaudio conflict

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Assuming cuse OSS proxy is ready for F11, and it works reasonably well as a complete replacement for ALSA's OSS compat layer, we would do the following:

I don't see this happening for F11, so I'll comment on the fallback

FYI, one thing pointed out elsewhere about this strategy is that any
remaining OSS apps that use mmap() likely won't work with CUSE. Of
course, they wouldn't work with padsp either.


If this is the case, then the fallback strategy is really the only doable strategy for OSS support. None of the other options can offer legacy support that some proprietary software customers will whine for.

The fallback strategy has the benefit of not effecting any Fedora/RHEL user by default, so is there any drawback in doing it? OSS would simply NOT WORK by default which is absolutely fine.

OTOH, what are concrete examples of OSS apps that use mmap()?


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