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Re: arial narrow is broken since Fedora 8

Julian Sikorski wrote:

> Looks like the current strategy works then, but quite slowly in some
> cases. The main issue I see here is that freedesktop bugzilla seems to
> be a black hole - I added a comment to bug #13416 half a year ago and
> got zero response from upstream developers, so please forgive me my
> slight frustration at this point - it's not that I didn't try, but if no
> one upstream gives a damn about the problem, I tried to find allies
> here, who could possibly have more convincing power. Attracting
> attention - that was the purpose of my post.

That "they" thinking is so broken.  "Upstream developers" is not a group of
aliens.  Ask on any IRC channel who maintains fontconfig and people will tell
you.  Currently Keith Packard makes a release every year.  That is, he spends
two or three days every year to make a release with patches that are ready to
go in.  The only other person spending time on it has been me, preparing
patches for Keith when release time gets close.  So in one sense there is no
upstream developers.  Want to change that?  Become one.

That said, I'm going to spend some time before the end of the year on getting
a fontconfig tree ready for release.  I'll take a look at your issue.


> Julian

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