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Re: The looming Python 3(000) monster

Arthur Pemberton wrote:

Well, most of the active members of the Python SIG have chimed in on
this, and we're all channeling Frankie.

Now, I do believe this is an important subject and we do need to gauge
the impact Python 3000 has on Fedora, but I believe that we are grossly
unequipped to do so at this time. I'd like to revisit this topic in
about a year (perhaps sooner, depending on circumstances), but for now
everyone just relax.

Just to  be clear, does that mean no Python 3.0 in parallel either?
How do you expect people to modify and test their own code without a
parallel install?

As stated multiple times, the initial port will be to python-2.6+ with
python-3 features turned on.  Then we'll see where we're at.

It's possible that the remaining porting work will be small at that
point and we can migrate easily.  It's also possible that it's still a
major undertaking to go from py-2.6 w/ python-3 features to py3.  But we
won't know until code starts being ported so there's no use trying to
guess what we need to do now.

I think he meant "unofficial" work, as in not official porting of
packages. Just regular dev work.

Yes, I meant end users who have written their own code trusting that the interpreter you ship will continue to run it.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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