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Re: The developers/maintainers

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Tue, 2008-12-09 at 22:48 -0500, David wrote:
IMO you have a fine product and you have nothing, absolutely
nothing, to apologize for with your product.

Thank you for Fedora.

Thank you David, it's always nice to hear stories like this.  It's a
good break from the normal day to day arguing with eachother about who
broke the eggs and spilled the milk, and why the milk isn't in a
spillproof container, or why the eggs didn't come with a warning on them
that they might break, or why somebody couldn't just wait for all the
eggs to be mixed before they consume it or... (:

Indeed. There are points of concern I have (as I'm sure readers know ;-) ) with Fedora's direction, but gratuitous not-working is not one of them. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that not everything works for everyone, but on the whole (except for problems with NVidia) I've had very few problems with Fedora. Despite two-and-counting in-place upgrades using yum :-D.

I'd also like to offer kudos for Cambridge, especially everyone that's responsible in any way for the fact that it *just works* (well, okay, except for the infamous suspend) on my Asus 900A. Frankly I'm pretty amazed with that, just as I was downright shocked when I stuck my LiveUSB in my Mom's laptop, and it not only detected but was able to use the CDMA modem with zero configuration (thereby beating my previous experience with Kubuntu live that failed to download the firmware it thought it needed).

Now, about that 'startup in 10 seconds' goal... ;-)

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