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Re: What Fedora makes sucking for me - or why I am NOT Fedora

Les Mikesell <lesmikesell gmail com> wrote:


> But I wouldn't envision marking an update as 'bad' although that's an
> interesting concept itself.  I was thinking that there would be a
> specified time when all normal updates enter the repository, followed
> by a time when only critical bug and security fix updates could be
> added, so towards the end of that interval, packages that hadn't been
> replaced with 'better' updates would automatically be assumed 'good'
> and it would be fairly safe to update machines where you want less
> risk.  Then a new cycle of 'new feature' updates could start.

And presumably you (and everybody else) would wait out the "until known
good" period; and as nobody tried it before, get to keep the pieces of the
resulting breakage...
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