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Re: What Fedora makes sucking for me - or why I am NOT Fedora

Bradley Baetz wrote:
> Can someone who wants the new versions immediately explain why they
> don't want to wait an average of 3 months for the next fedora release?

Because if you need the bugfix or the new feature now, any wait is too long.

Also because you'll then also get those major changes which were
intentionally not pushed as updates to that release, e.g. KDE 4 for Fedora
9, kdepim 4, Amarok 2, digiKam 0.10 and Krusader 2 for Fedora 10, probably
KOffice 2 for Fedora 11.

And because if you don't want new versions, you can use CentOS or Debian
stable or Ubuntu or openSUSE or any other distribution which does not push
version updates to releases. Why take away Fedora's unique selling point?
If you don't like the way Fedora works, you should be using another
distribution, not trying to strong-arm Fedora into working the way you

        Kevin Kofler

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