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Re: What Fedora makes sucking for me - or why I am NOT Fedora

Arthur Pemberton wrote:
>> Alternatively (to a rolling distro), we could increase the frequency of
>> Fedora releases. It seems that the main reason people want the latest
>> stuff thrown into Fedora $latest is because they don't want to wait for
>> the next release in just 3 months time on average.
> You keep saying this. Aren't the releases every 6 months?

I think I only said it once before, but anyway.

If releases are every 6 months (as they are, yes), then assuming a
uniform distribution of when some new software comes out[1] or some user
decides they want some new feature in some software and is the first to
desire the new feature and request an upgrade, then they'll request the
upgrade equally spread throughout the 6 month duration between releases,
and hence on average only be 3 months from the next release.

[1] This may not apply to major packages, which might be roughly
synchronized with Fedora releases (or Fedora might sync to them).
However, I'm guessing the vast majority of Fedora packages are much
smaller self-contained apps without such a sync'd release cycle.

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