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Re: What Fedora makes sucking for me - or why I am NOT Fedora

On Thu December 11 2008, Bradley Baetz wrote:
> Kevin Kofler wrote:
> > Bradley Baetz wrote:
> >> Can someone who wants the new versions immediately explain why they
> >> don't want to wait an average of 3 months for the next fedora release?
> >
> > Because if you need the bugfix or the new feature now, any wait is too
> > long.
> Why is waiting for a new feature for 3 months too long? Excluding
> support for new hardware, if you want a bleeding edge feature run rawhide.

For me it would render my Fedora involvment in many cases useless, e.g. why 
should I push a new package into Fedora, if I have to create my own repo 
anyways to use it? Also if I get upstream to include a feature I need into an 
application I want to use, then I want to use it asap. Otherwise I would 
probably not spend much time on writing a patch or convincing upstream.

Also running rawhide is not an option, because it is way more broken than 
Fedora stable, where it seems to me the majority of updates do not break 
stuff. The worst annoyance/breakage in F8 I remember was to use a new gpg key 
for updates and glables not properly working with old glables templates. And 
there were also updates that I was missing, e.g. when I first started using 
Mercurial, it did not support symlinks. For me this is a major missing feature 
for a SCM, luckily it was already fixed upstream and the update was included 
in Fedora.


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