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Re: What Fedora makes sucking for me - or why I am NOT Fedora

On Thu December 11 2008, Bradley Baetz wrote:

> Possibly more threads, but how many people wanted KDE4.1 because it was
> the latest available, and how many had a specific bug or feature that
> they wanted fixed?

I would bet it is the majority, because KDE 4.0 was not very stable and 
already had a lot of bugs in the upstream bugtracker, that would have annoyed 
me a lot, if I was forced to use it. I only saw it on a friends notebook. Now 
KDE 4.1 is a lot more usable, e.g. I am using it now. But e.g. it is still not 
possible to receive gpg encrypted messages with kopete, which is a major 
regression, because the alternatives are only to not use Instant messaging or 
to use a different client. Also if you look at the Fedora Bugtracker, there 
are a lot of bugs that people would like to have fixed in general, they 
probably do not really want to wait always want to wait 6 months to get it 


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