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Re: What Fedora makes sucking for me - or why I am NOT Fedora

Jesse Keating wrote:
> If you're putting your potentially destabilizing feature adding version
> change into updates-testing, I've already lost my plea.  Once in
> -testing, it's presumed that it, or something even newer, will be
> promoted to -updates, which ruins the whole thing.  

Unfortunately, this is driven to some extent by upstreams and their
level of sanity.

For instance, I'm packaging a project that does one-month time based
releases.  These releases can have new features and speed improvements.
They also have bugfixes.  They also have new on-disk formats.  The
project is a (python) library and commandline tool.  The library API can
change incompatibly with new releases.

So we have two bad choices here.  In the course of a released Fedora's
life, there are roughly twelve updates from upstream.  If those fix
major bugs or add a new on-disk formats I pretty much have to update
otherwise our end-users suffer (from not being able to communicate with
people using Ubuntu, Debian, or upstream).  If they change API
incompatibly then I'm possibly breaking third-party tools.

So here we've lost whether or not we make updates.


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