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Re: Installing from Live CD is the new black?

On Thu December 11 2008, Chris Lumens wrote:
> > Will this be restored for F11?
> No.

That's sad. :-(

> > It was very helpful when using a usb medium to install from.
> If you could describe the problem  you're having with the new mechanism
> and USB disks, I can work on fixing it in time for F11.  It may even be
> fixable for F10 with an updates.img.  I'd be interested to see what
> you're doing and exactly how it's going wrong.

The problems I had are probably not USB disk related, then. I as usually used 
the live-iso-to-disk script to get the bootloader from the DVD to my USB stick 
and then only needed to copy the iso on the USB stick. Then I could use the 
USB stick to either install from it or to distribute the iso image to others. 
Now I would need an even bigger USB stick if I want to have it bootable and 
containing the iso.

But anaconda screwed up somehow else. With German locales the text did not 
really fit on the screen and after I tried to use the harddisk as installation 
source and it did not work, I could not select any other installation method. 
I believe I could only go back to change language and keyboard layout and 
going forward from there made anaconda ask me about a driver disk. I then 
skipped this and used the LiveCD. But I can try to reproduce this with a 
virtual machine, which I planned anyways to do, but not that soon.


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