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Re: yum --skip-broken update by default?

On Thu, 2008-12-11 at 22:07 +0100, Steven Moix wrote:

> I was suggesting this from a guy-who-reads-user-forums standpoint. The
> Fedora update mirrors are often out of sync for 1-3 days, which fills
> the forums almost every day with users who don't understand what's going
> on when they have dependency problems. 

 My understanding was the MM wanted mirrors to be in sync. within a day,
and as long as the metadata is within sync. it is almost "free" to
switch mirrors to find metadata/packages now (just get 404s and move

> I'm fully aware that this is a dirty hack, but it could solve just that
> problem, now there are side effects of course.

 To be fair, there is a much less dirty hack of just setting
"skip_broken = true" in yum.conf (it's in the man page :p). And this
might be turned on a some point, but as other people have said before
that happens we really want:

. Lots of checking server side (repoclosure type stuff) to make sure
what we push is good.

. Lots of testing to make sure skip-broken doesn't make the problem
worse (many cases of infinite loops in the past, although it's getting
close now).

James Antill <james fedoraproject org>

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