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Re: Package Review Stats for the week ending December 7, 2008

On Fri December 12 2008, Rakesh Pandit wrote:
> 2008/12/11 Till Maas <opensource till name>:
> > On Mon December 8 2008, Brian Pepple wrote:
> >> Top four FAS account holders who have completed reviewing "Package
> >> review" components on bugzilla for the week ending December 7th, 2008
> >> were Parag AN(पराग), Jason Tibbitts, Michael Schwendt, and Patrice
> >> Dumas.  Below is the number of completed package reviews done.
> >
> > If it is not too much work, can you maybe mention how many merge reviews
> > were done?
> Right now the report generated is for component: "Package Review" and
> merge reviews also come under that component.

It seems it was not clear, what I meant. I would like to now, how many of the 
reviews that are done affect Merge Reviews, e.g. add the end of the report 
instead of only  this line:

| Total reviews: 40

It would be nice to have this:

Total Package Reviews: 39
Total Merge Reviews: 1

I would also appreciate a pointer to the script that generates these reports.


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