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Re: Installing from Live CD is the new black?

2008/12/11 Till Maas <opensource till name>:
> The problems I had are probably not USB disk related, then. I as usually used
> the live-iso-to-disk script to get the bootloader from the DVD to my USB stick
> and then only needed to copy the iso on the USB stick. Then I could use the
> USB stick to either install from it or to distribute the iso image to others.
> Now I would need an even bigger USB stick if I want to have it bootable and
> containing the iso.

One of my wishes for a future Fedora is also an easy way to install
from USB stick. I prefer to use the normal install instead of the
livecd/stick and currently you have to burn a CD / DVD to make this

Most of the PCs can boot from USB sticks now and you get the sticks as
gift everywhere now, they are the new AOL CD. Some of the new current
computers also don't come with CD/DVD drives any more - for example

USB sticks are also reusable and more environment friendly than disks.


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