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Re: Making updates-testing more useful

On 12.12.2008 16:00, Seth Vidal wrote:

On Fri, 12 Dec 2008, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
Another good question (related to the "will this confuse new users" part): Will you enable the updates-testing repos from 3rd party repos in the same step automatically? Otherwise people that use those repos will now and then run into dependency troubles -- for example when a new xine-lib enters updates-testing from Fedora and xine-lib-extras-nonfree enters updates-testing from RPM Fusion at the same time.

But well, likely it doesn't matter to much anyway, as yum is still pretty broken in such situations anyway, as mirror lags will confuse it:

Yes, that's right yum is broken b/c the mirrors are out of sync.
Just like Apache is broken when a 404 is issued. It must be apache's fault that the data is missing or broken.

I don't think the Apache example really flies, but whatever, not worth arguing. I just want the problem fixed :-)

Cmon, Thorsten, your command of english is excellent, you can phrase that a bit better.

Hehe, actually I had written the word "broken", then deleted it, and then (after a few seconds) wrote it again. Mainly for one reason(¹): users often use it when they run into troubles outlined in

It depends a bit for what they use it -- sometimes it's Fedora that is "broken", sometimes RPM Fusion/Livna, sometimes yum or sometimes PackageKit. We all don't want that afaics; it's really bad for Fedoras reputation.

So we should try to get it fixed; yum *afaics* is the best place, as the data is there in the repos (at least if RPM Fusion pushes all the bits at the same time; that works often, but now always), yum just has to look at the right places *or* ignore those problems for some time *or* <your suggestion here>.

What would you suggest to fix the problem at hand?


(¹) maybe I also a tiny little bit hoped it would help to get your attention (sorry for that) so we can finally work out a solution (with or without yum) to solve the problem once and for all

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