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Updates QA/karma question

Another update issue that raises some questions -

- Does anyone actually read the comments in bodhi before allowing the push request to proceed?

Case in point:

  Update ID: FEDORA-2008-10000
    Release: Fedora 9
     Status: stable
       Type: enhancement
      Karma: 0
Notes: Updated to latest upstream version: 0.1.7 which fixes a number of
           : problems.
  Submitter: steved
  Submitted: 2008-11-21 10:48:00
   Comments: steved - 2008-11-21 10:48:00 (karma 0)
             This update has been submitted for testing
             bodhi - 2008-11-22 16:52:27 (karma 0)
             This update has been pushed to testing
thethirddoorontheleft comcast net (unauthenticated) - 2008-11-25 05:35:58 (karma -1)
             Causes nfs statd to fail at bootup
             orion - 2008-11-25 16:24:51 (karma -1)
             Needs selinux changes.  Fails to start with selinux
             steved - 2008-12-09 18:59:31 (karma 1)
             selinux-policy-targeted-3.3.1-115.fc9 is now available
             which does take care of the Selinux problem. Please up
             update and try again...
             steved - 2008-12-10 00:04:27 (karma 0)
             This update has been submitted for stable
             orion - 2008-12-10 16:12:46 (karma -1)
             This should not be pushed to stable until selinux-
             policy-targeted-3.3.1-115.fc9 has been pushed to
             bodhi - 2008-12-11 07:58:07 (karma 0)
             This update has been pushed to stable


- Should update submitters be allowed to give positive karma to their updates? Seems like that they are too biased.

- Is there any requirement that an update have positive karma before being pushed to stable?

As of now, rpcbind will fail to start on F-9 with selinux in enforcing mode (esp. important on servers!) until selinux-policy-targeted-3.3.1-115.fc9 is pushed to stable. Seems like we could have waited for that.

Dec 12 09:16:11 xenf9 yum: Updated: rpcbind-0.1.7-1.fc9.i386
Dec 12 09:18:21 xenf9 rpcbind: rpcbind terminating on signal. Restart with "rpcbind -w" Dec 12 09:18:21 xenf9 rpcbind: setgid to 'rpc' (32) failed: Operation not permitted Dec 12 09:18:21 xenf9 kernel: type=1400 audit(1229098701.631:5): avc: denied {setgid } for pid=2412 comm="rpcbind" capability=6 scontext=unconfined_u:system_r:rpcbind_t:s0 tcontext=unconfined_u:system_r:rpcbind_t:s0 tclass=capability

We really need to work on this updates system.

Orion Poplawski
Technical Manager                     303-415-9701 x222
NWRA/CoRA Division                    FAX: 303-415-9702
3380 Mitchell Lane                  orion cora nwra com
Boulder, CO 80301              http://www.cora.nwra.com

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