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Re: Making updates-testing more useful

On 12.12.2008 10:55, Richard Hughes wrote:
On Fri, 2008-12-12 at 07:06 +0100, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
On 11.12.2008 19:28, Richard Hughes wrote:
Yes, we can easily enable the testing repos with a small button and a
more info link. The real question is, will this clutter the UI and
confuse new users?
Another good question (related to the "will this confuse new users" part): Will you enable the updates-testing repos from 3rd party repos in the same step automatically?



If the user has fedora and rpmfusion enabled, but livna disabled,

Just to me sure: I assume you meant both rpmfusion repos (free and nonfree) when you wrote "rpmfusion"?

it'll do in the first pass:

updates from all configured and enabled sources

and on the second pass:

disable fedora and rpmfusion

Disable? Why disable any repos? What is a package from one of the testing repos introduces a new dep that is only solved by a package in fedora (stock repos) or fedora-updates?

enable fedora-testing and rpmfusion-testing
updates from all configured and enabled sources
enable fedora and rpmfusion
disable fedora-testing and rpmfusion-testing

If you've got livna installed then it shouldn't touch the repo.

The new livna repo (that users get that install the current release package from the rlo front page) afaics has no testing area anymore, so it afaics should not matter at all and not get touched (like you said)

tricky bit is the heuristic that matches up rpmfusion-testing to

Maybe all that is needed it to enable all "*-testing" repos. Then it would work even for other repos as well. But maybe that's to dangerous.

But well, likely it doesn't matter to much anyway, as yum is still pretty broken in such situations anyway, as mirror lags will confuse it:
We can't do much about mirror lags, but we do switch on --skip-broken by
default which sort of mitigates things.

I'm not really sure of "skip-broken" in its current form really is the best way to solve it, but maybe it's "good enough". Another subthread in this discussion hopefully gets to a result.


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