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Re: Updates QA/karma question

2008/12/12 Jesse Keating <jkeating redhat com>:
> Besides, I thought all Fedora maintainers were geniuses and my
> bureaucracy just gets in the way?

I just want to point out that during my life as a genius, I've seen
multiple geniuses have their lives literally saved by the bureaucracy
of lab and industrial safety procedures. I've also seen a few of them
almost die because bureaucracy wasn't in place and they were not
required to stop for a second and think ahead about consequences.

And we will bitch and moan about the absolute stupidity of those
policies, until our buddy in the lab next door decides to disable the
safety interlocks on his laser, and then we walk into the room and the
laser doesn't turn off on door entry..like it did the day before.
Those are the sort of moments were safety policies become cherished..
even if the bureaucrats never are.

-jef"Sure turning your eyeball into a snowglobe that you look through
because you forgot to wear your safety goggles when you were in the
room while the high power infrared laser was on sound like fun...
until it happens to you"spaleta

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