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Re: Alternatives to serial console for capturing oopses

nodata writes:

Am Freitag, den 12.12.2008, 17:57 -0500 schrieb Sam Varshavchik:
I've got a quad-core dual x86_64 server that, so far, reproducably locks up under every 2.6.27 kernel released for F9 so far, when I run a build cycle. The last kernel that manages to survive under load is, so I'll continue to boot it until I get a 2.6.27 kernel that doesn't croak on me.

Given that the hardware does not have a serial port, how else can I capture an oops, if one is being generated? At least I hope that there'll be an oops for me to capture.

Take a look at netdump.

Took a look.

1) Only the server component is present in Fedora. There is no client. And, of course, I need the client.

2) The client package requires additional kernel modules to be built. If you are actually using netdump in Fedora, please explain how.

3) netdump only supports a small set of NICs. netdump does not support my NIC.

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