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Re: Fedora QA ? - Re: What Fedora makes sucking for me - or why I am NOT Fedora

Hello Chuck,

On Sat, 13 Dec 2008, Chuck Anderson wrote:
> Given that Bodhi updates bugzilla reports when updates are pushed, 
> maybe it can be made to update them with karma and comments too?

could be an interesting beginning, yes.

> If there were PK integration, there could be lots of interesting ways 
> to allow the user to interact with the update system, such as 
> single-click karma reporting back to bodhi, displaying the karma on 
> updates to the user so they can choose whether to update that package 
> or not, setting a preference that says somthing like "wait until karma 
> gets to +3 before defaulting the checkbox to enabled to update this 
> package".

The reporting should be always possible, as it maybe turns later out if an
update was broken or not. And how a about yum? If it's PackageKit-only it
is not really an advantage, given that unexperienced users won't rate such
updates anyway usually (at least from my point of view).


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