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Re: [Ambassadors] Live CD & Localization

Jesse Keating wrote:
I have other concerns which mostly revolve around timing of the release
of the spins, that the final moments before a compose becomes "gold" for
a given release we're often creating scratch repos of last minute
updates that need to be included in the spins.  Making these accessible
to all the various different places that could be making spins, and
keeping them coordinated is going to be a huge hurdle, unless we tell
these spin folks that they have to wait until after GA to make their

Then we run into the fun of "official" Fedora content being created on
machines outside the control of the Fedora Infrastructure.  Doesn't sit
very warm and fuzzy in my head.

Well, thinking of it in terms of problems makes heads spin all around the world, not just yours.

Thinking in terms of potential solutions however; I'd be OK with a sleep 86400-times-X after GA for things to settle down and then create the localized spins. It should be a batch process.

Whether we use livecd-creator's base_on capability or not for reasons of composing efficiency remains to be seen.

Whether we require to media to be composed on Fedora Infrastructure seems to be an obvious question, but so far no-one but Release Engineering has access to the composing hosts and I'm afraid time-constraints will hit it's ability to compose X*Y spins.

Another aspect of composing the spins on Fedora Infrastructure would be that the product would need to be seeded initially by the Fedora Project, re-introducing the disk space and bandwidth limitations.

If the products were to be composed outside of Fedora Infrastructure, as it happens now -while the resulting product is still named "Fedora" btw, that introduces a whole new aspect of security and reproducibility (and...) concerns. However, someone might be able to cough up a box or even a few boxes for Fedora Infrastructure to manage.

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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