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Re: Fedora QA ? - Re: What Fedora makes sucking for me - or why I am NOT Fedora

On Sat, 13 Dec 2008, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> BTW, was "automatic feedback from the clients to bodhi" discussed  
> already somewhere in this thread? E.g. if the package maintainer could  
> see in bodhi "2500 users installed and ran this testin-update for at  
> least three days, no negative karma reported, no new bugs" then it  
> should be quite save to move the package.

That idea seems *very* interesting to me. Especially the result, that there
maybe have been no issues with the update. And if we could extend that even
to non-testing packages, but to regular updates, we even should get, if our
testing results are representative...

AFAIK we anyway don't have something reporting the packager how many people
are using his package. I might be wrong, but Debian has such a tool now for
years - IIRC not with the same goal as in our case, but I got told, it is
useful to the packagers and maintainers there.

Are there possible load issues for such an idea on or around the Fedora


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