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Re: Installing from Live CD is the new black?

On Mon, 2008-12-15 at 01:19 -0600, Jerry Amundson wrote:

> > But to make room for it you have to leave out something else, perhaps
> > something just as important. This is why the DVD is a better option for
> > install.
> But the DVD writer is not an easy commodity, globally speaking.
> Other install options are best.

There are many places where high-speed internet connections are not
widely available. However, there are groups in these countries at large
companies and universities who will download distributions and
re-distribute them to others via user groups and so on. These groups
prefer very 'full' images, like DVD ISOs, because they can contain most
of the packages a user will need. By the nature of their small capacity,
live CDs cannot, and tend to assume the user has a high-speed internet
connection to download additional packages. Where such a connection is
not available, a live CD is not very much use.

This is an important use case for DVD images.

There may be places where DVD writers are not easily available, but high
speed internet connections are - I've never heard of one, though. Either
way, it doesn't invalidate the above case.

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