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Re: Broken dependencies in Fedora 10 - 2008-12-14

Michael Schwendt wrote:

It mails all co-maintainers for a very long time already.

In the summary, only the primary owner (the first one in the old
owner.list files) is listed. Recently I wanted to modify it to make that
more clear (and e.g. print the number of co-maintainers that have been
mailed -- I've been distracted with other things).

That would be very useful.

Or the summary could be
changed to list only the src.rpm package names.

Well, that would be very problematic for people who have say more than a few dozen packages. I don't even recall offhand all the packages I own and I don't own that many.

Btw, the wrong Obsoletes in gyachi have been discussed in private mail.
I'm unsure whether the packager has understood the problem and the fix.

It appears he does but he seems offline for a couple of weeks. He also told me, you had informed him that the issue isn't a urgent priority. Is that because the updates are in testing repository?

olpc-utils is one of the packages that have gone directly to stable:
It's broken in rawhide, too.

I haven't done anything with it in a long time. I am going to orphan it and let the current co-maintainer take ownership if he is going to fix it.


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