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Re: f11 boost-1.37.0 upgrade: notice of intent, and best way to

2008/11/24 Benjamin Kosnik <bkoz redhat com>:
> The boost maintainers are planning to update the boost versions
> to the current release (1.37.0) in rawhide for F11. There was an
> attempt to upgrade boost for F10, but the timing was off.
> Details on that attempt:
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-devel-list/2008-August/msg00464.html
> We have a tenative (local) srpm, and intend with this announcement to
> put the boost upgrade in the queue for F11. Consider yourself notified,
> devel-list reader.
> There is some general discussion of how changes with a lot of deps
> should be brought into rawhide:
> 1) making a koji tag, check in new boost, rebuild deps
> 2) mock chroot with the new boost, rebuild deps
> Suggestions? Actual instructions, written down somewhere? The other
> option is to:
> 3) check in the base boost package to devel, and immediately work on
> rebuilding the deps
> I don't want to jump the gun here, as I know F11 planning is ongoing,
> and that holiday scheduling is a concern. Thoughts, and suggestion on
> how to proceed are welcome.
Any ETA on this attempt ?
I think using a special tag would be the right thing, (like what was
done for python2.6)

But a wiki pages that would explain the common fix would also help.

Nicolas (kwizart)

ps: I have a LuxRender package under review that is known to fails on
the current boost.
aqsis on the other hand should work fine with newer boost.

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