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Re: What Fedora makes sucking for me - or why I am NOT Fedora

James Antill wrote:

 By default yum sets the metadata cache timeout to 90 minutes, now if
you want to optimize for Fedora you might be tempted to change this to
"1d" so yum will only re-check it's metadata once a day. However if you
turn on your laptop at 22:00 Sunday, then you'll miss any updates from
Monday until 22:00 Monday night.
 Or more technically, from any given Fedora update you'll have to wait
_upto_ 1 day later to see them.
 This then only gets worse with mirrors.

90 mins is just too often. Isn't it? 1d would be more appropriate as a default, I think if we somehow manage to sync the metadata expiry time to factor in the delay caused by mirrors.

 I've said for a long time, if you want a "zero network" yum the best
thing you can do is run yum-updatesd it metadata only mode.

This probably needs to go into a FAQ. The question on why yum has to hit the network for every operation comes up way too often. Perhaps the FAQ can answer that as well.


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