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Re: [Fedora Update] [testing] libchewing-0.3.2-0.fc8

On Monday 15 December 2008 10:10:38 pm Michael Cronenworth wrote:
> Mamoru Tasaka wrote:
> > I also think that this is not just a advice but rather a criticism on
> > public space
> >
> > Mamoru
> Fedora is already filled to the brim with people cuddling each other. It
> really must stop somewhere or else the package system will get worse and
> worse and worse...

What? Fedora is filled with a ridiculous amount of in-fighting. And "the 
packaging system" has nothing to do with sending an email to just the 
maintainer, or also CC'ing a public mailing list.

> If you can't take a simple e-mail review question, you shouldn't be in
> charge of packaging, in my humble opinion. Yes, you're giving your time
> and effort for free, but you're left in charge of a big responsibility
> to provide a safe and half-way stable environment.

I'm not asking Jesse not to email the maintainer, just to do it off-list.

Conrad Meyer <konrad tylerc org>

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