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orphaning all my packages


I am orphaning all my packages. I orphan the devel branch, but I'd
also orphan the stable branches too, so if you are interested don't
hesitate to ask. I am still willing to maintain the EPEL branches, but
here, also, if you want to take over, say so.

I am nco, ncview, glib 1 and gtk+ 1 de-facto main packager, so
somebody else should take care of those packages.

I think that lesstif, perl-File-MimeInfo and fcron are strategic for

Low maintainance but very complicated packages:
The cernlib packages are quite complicated and unusual, this is fortran,
uses imake :-/ and upstream is moribund since 2003, and dead since 2006.
Debian was like a substitution upstream, but the debian maintainer has
also abandonned cernlib. Still it is known that there are users for this
* cernlib
* cernlib-g77

Normal packages:
* lesstif
* libdap
* libnc-dap

Very low maintainance packages:
* asa
* bibexport
* BibTool
* bitmap
* libsx
* libdockapp
* ooo2txt
* perl-Parse-Yapp
* perl-Text-Unidecode
* tetex-elsevier
* uread
* wmix
* xbae
* xdialog

Low maintainance packages:
* acpitool
* boolstuff
* cppunit
* esmtp
* fcron
* halevt
* grads
there is an update available for grads, but it has some functionalities
removed, and also upstream is complicated, with a friendly fork at
opengrads and last libgadap can be packaged now. I'll still be working 
with upstream, so I could help with chosing which version to package and 
things like that.
* perl-Algorithm-CurveFit
* perl-File-BaseDir
* perl-File-DesktopEntry
* perl-File-MimeInfo
* perl-Math-MatrixReal
* perl-Math-Symbolic

Recently added packages:
* g2clib
* grib_api
* w3lib


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