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Re: leaving fedora

On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 01:18:08PM +0100, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> I think the TEX part needs a lot of work right now, and if TEX users
> leave Fedora, the situation is unlikely to get better (and that will
> propagate to RHEL/EEPEL/Centos someday)

I thought a bit about that, and in fact it is not that obvious. The 
time I devote to free software as a whole is quite constant, it is my
hobby time. Therefore, not contributing to fedora will leave more time 
for upstream work. And it is possible that doing things upstream is 
in fact more profitable for my use case in fedora than doing it in
fedora. Sure, being in fedora helps having directions for upstream 
work, since fedora is basically a snapshot of the future of linux. 
But the cost of being in fedora has become too important, both for me,
and, in my opinion, for fedora.

Jose Matos is now a sponsor, he can sponsor interested TeX 

> We need people with all kinds of different objectives to balance the
> distribution and even though we didn't always agree you were one of
> the people providing this balance.

Maybe, but the balance has been lost in the distro as a whole some
time ago. It is inertia on my side that caused be to stay that long,
if I had thought a bit more about it I would have left earlier.


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