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Memory/filesystem corruption

Hi Fedora folks.

With F-10 I've started to see random crashes of several applications and
complete freezes of the machine. It seems that some kind of memory
and/or filesystem corruption causes these problems, as it usually can be
fixed by rebooting or re-installing the package in question.
Suspend/resume cycles seem to make the problem more likely, though it
also happens without according to comments in bugzilla.

I've filed a bug at https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=476203

Is anyone else seeing this? Does someone have an idea what might be
causing this? I'm trying to get more people on the train and gain
attention to get more data to narrow down the cause of the problem.


    Tim Niemueller <tim niemueller de>      www.niemueller.de
 Imagination is more important than knowledge. (Albert Einstein)

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