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Re: orphaning many packages

Patrice Dumas wrote:
> Do you want the F9 and F10 branches of all those packages?

If you want to orphan those too, sure, just orphan them and tell me and I'll
grab them.

>> As for flasm, it's not really a dependency of gnash, is it? I think
>> somebody actually interested in Flash authoring should take that one.
> It is not strictly a dependency, but it may be needed to be able to
> debug gnash. What is interesting, indeed, is the possibility to
> disassemble a swf to understand what is in it. I brought it in fedora
> because I needed it for a bug report, and I saw it used more than once
> for gnash debugging on the gnash mailing list.
> Si it is not strictly needed, but convenient. It guess that it is also
> of some interest for swfdec.

OK: is really nobody else interested in flasm? In that case I'll pick it up
just to save this debugging tool from getting removed, one package more or
less isn't going to change my workload drastically.

        Kevin Kofler

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