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Re: What I'm going to do: Was: RFC: Description text in packages

Le Mer 17 décembre 2008 12:56, Nicolas Mailhot a écrit :
> Le Mer 17 décembre 2008 12:19, Richard Hughes a écrit :
>> * Fri Feb 08 2008  Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net>
>> - 1:1.09-3
>> ⌚ gcc 4.3 rebuild
>> So, you've discussed those changes with upstream, defined a set of
>> enumerated values, and standardised the other spec files right?
> This is plain UTF-8 text that passes the current guidelines, that
> passes rpmlint, and without non-standard magic post-processing markup
> application side. It works in vi, emacs, eclipse, gedit, etc the same
> way.

And it seems to work in all the MUAs we've used too.

OTOH your stuff will only work in PK, and in the course of trying to
workaround badly encoded text you'll break correctly encoded text (and
probably mess up the display thoroughly for some locales).

I guess I'll just have to add packagekit to the list of apps with
broken unicode support we track in the Fonts SIG. You call that ego I
call that regression.

Nicolas Mailhot

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